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I have been creating art as far back as I can remember. Although watercolor is my constant, I also work with acrylic and gouache paints, clay, beads, photography, glass and paper.  I love color and texture.  I use both to bring my work to life.  I am constantly exploring artistic forms with a goal of conveying a positive emotion in anyone who experiences my work.  Each piece is unique and an evolution from the last.  


A graduate of both the Fashion Institute of Technology and Northeastern University, I am currently the Showroom Manager of the Home Design Studio.  After serving as the marketing director for an award winning architectural firm after college, I spent much of the last 24 years raising two amazing young women.  During this time I worked hard to be creative in some capacity.  I served on the National Design Committee for Creative Memories and taught dozens of adults and children about scrapbooking and photo preservation.  I have taught beading, drawing and card making classes. For four years I volunteered as a set designer for the Silver Lake Middle School.  Lastly, I have donated time and creativity creating logos and branding for several local organizations. 

About The Artist


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